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Priya Visavadia

Let me focus on the fine-tuning and you on the content.

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Over Priya Visavadia

I am born and raised in London and I moved to the Netherlands in 2012. Whilst there, I completed my higher education. I have a Bachelor's degree in "English Language and Culture" and a Master's degree in "Writing, Editing and Mediating" both from the University of Groningen. I have my own company which specialises in proofreading and editing. I currently work on a freelance basis for Noordhoff Uitgevers as an editor and a writer. I have been doing this since 2018. I am an ideal editor because not only am I qualified, I actually enjoy what I do! I know I can bring a lot to the table, and help you gain the confidence you need in your writing.

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Priya Visavadia

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